Dark Girlz Unite!

This ring is set up for all the dark girls of the night. There are few dark webrings catering specifically to dark/gothic girls. I've come across so many dark girls on the web who have a hard time finding other females of the same interests, so that's what this ring is all about. Sites need not be extensively goth; an overall dark feeling will do. Music, art, writing, images, opinions.. anything goes!!

But please note that I reserve the right to turn away any submission for the ring. I choose the sites for the webring based on how good, unique, or interesting they are. I am looking for high quality sites, so be sure to read the requirements. Don't worry, they're not too harsh, just more of "common sense" type requirements.

Sumbit Your Site
HTML Fragment
Choose An Image

What to Do:

1- Read the Requirements

2- Submit your site

3- choose & save a webring image
(please save it, and load it to your own server... do NOT link it from here!!

4- E-mail me to let me know that you have signed up for the webring, and so that I can give you the personalized HTML code, including your site id #.

5- Once I have sent you the code, copy the HTML fragment and paste it somewhere on your webpage
I don't care where you put it, as long as i can find it.

6- * This part is optional * - you can e-mail me once more to let me know that the code is now up on your site.
If you do not e-mail me to let me know, I will be checking your site periodically for 2 weeks. If I do not see the code put up within 2 weeks, I will assume you no longer wish to be a part of the webring, and will delete your entry. This will require you to resubmit your site at another time if you wish, so please be sure to get it up within 2 weeks.

** Please remember: do not submit your site to the Dark Girls Unite! webring unless you have the time to put up the code within 2 weeks. If you submit your site, and I do not see the code put up within 2 weeks, you will be deleted from the queue, and will have to submit your site again at another time.

Also, by this same token, I will be sure to add any applicable sites submitted to the queue within two weeks. If for some reason you do not hear from me at all, or get an Addition noticication, please be sure to e-mail me and let me know.

And for anyone who wants to ensure a swift addition to the ring, I have been known to add sites sooner if you e-mail me once you have the code up. I find out more quickly if you do so.

Just so you know, the webring code will look like this :
(though, of course, the name, image and other personal info will be different)

This Dark Girls Unite! site is owned by Webmistress Violet Decay.
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